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SWA Architects have built a wide range of community sports and leisure buildings, ranging from Village Halls and Scout huts, to a multi-million pound Community Centre for Sports and Arts. We are experienced and ready to help client groups, in agreeing the brief and initial design; and in sourcing funding and supporting funding applications.

If you would like more information on our experience with Community & Leisure-related projects, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

Below are some brief case studies showing several example projects from this area.

West Oxford Community Centre
SWA Architects | West Oxford Community Centre

This commission is one of many community and leisure projects carried out for Oxford City Council and run by competitive fee bidding. The new Community Centre replaces the previous outdated building, and provides indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a community café and GP premises. The new centre is an economic, easily-maintained low energy solution to the City’s challenging brief.

Hightown Community Centre, Luton
SWA Architects | Hightown Community Centre

The new Community Centre provides a focus for the regeneration of Hightown, an inner city area of Luton, and involved complex reclamation works on the former industrial site. Three halls provide for sports, dance and drama, with a community café and arts room.

Close links are fostered with the local primary school, which uses many of the facilities. This £2.3 million project was funded with EU, Sports England and Single Regeneration Grant monies. The design is to green construction principles, making best use of daylight and natural ventilation with high insulation standards and embodied energy and easy recycling.

Eynsham Community Centre
SWA Architects | Eynsham Community Centre

This new Centre in SWA Architects' home town accommodates a wide range of activities, including indoor sports, drama, community events, British Legion and playgroups. Two linked halls with a large shared kitchen give great flexibility of use. The playgroup area includes an outdoor play court, copious storage, and childsize WCs.

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